Floor Waxing Safe Chemicals

Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. strips floors without harsh chemicals when feasible if we need to use chemicals the next time we do the floor cleaning it will be performed without chemicals.

We use safe chemicals when possible, and it makes less mess on your walls, and it is environmentally harmless.

Floor Waxing / Floor Cleaning - San Antonio

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Same Old Same Old

Unfortunately, many floor cleaning companies still use the same basic concept, except for floor machines or automatic floor scrubbers for wax pickup.

Cleaning San Antonio Floor Waxing Service 

We put an end to this aging process once the floors are in the condition we think is appropriate. We no longer use water and chemicals to strip the floor. We may need to use them to remove the years of abuse. Once we get there, two or three coats are applied. Then, the process we use removes the layers of wax from the floor using very little water or no water at all. 

Paint - Baseboards - 

The paint and baseboards: saved with no more splashing and water damage from wax and dirt. 

see my next blog on floor waxing chemical-free

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Floor Cleaning Service / Day Porter

Floor cleaning/commercial office cleaning services and tile cleaning since 1989. We can also provide day porters to help maintain the break rooms and restrooms of large facilities.

Day Cares, Schools, Medical Offices, Hair Salons (Floor waxing in San Antonio / commercial floor cleaning)

Floor Maintainment

Getting your floors cleaned and keeping them clean cost less with Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. Floors maintained properly are easier to clean and this keeps your facility looking clean continuously. Like a Target Store.