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Our Contracts are 30 day notice for cancellation the first floor waxing is paid in full after this we maintain the floor for upto 3 years - references are available

How including the floor waxing saves you money (3 - year contract) The cost of the floor waxing is divided by 36 and added to the monthly rate.

A car washed periodically will take less time to clean than a car washed once a year or once every three years. Time is money we can save you time and money by maintaining your floors and carpets we have 30 years in the cleaning business we know when is the optimal time to do maintenance on the floor.

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Floor Stripping and Waxing (Janitorial Services)

Facilities Services (San Antonio) one monthly rate all services

Floor Waxing, Carpet Cleaning, Daily Cleaning, Tile and Grout Preasure Washing

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  1. Carpet Cleaning with Truck Mount Electric Steam Cleaner
  2. Floor Waxing Chemical Free (once we treat the floors)
  3. Tile and Grout Cleaning with Steam and High Pressure
  4. 5, 3 or 2 days a week Cleaning Service

Details services if you would like us to maintain the floors it would be a 3 year contract with an intial cost for floor waxing.

There will be an intial cost to correct the problems with the floors. Once the floors are cleaned sealed and rewaxed. The floors will be maintained by our Janitorial Service Crew at no additional cost for a period of up to 3 years and will continue to as long as the apperance is acceptable.

Tile and grout minimum square footage is 300 square feet any square footage over the 300 there will be an additional charges which will be agreeded upon before the work is performed


Floor Waxing San Antonio (Facilities Services)

Floor Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning- Office Cleaning- Tile and Grout - San Antonio

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Floor Waxing

Tile and Grout

Carpet Cleaning

Janitorial Services

We are proud to provide you with more value by including other services in your contract we help you keep your office with a good first impression month to month.  Floor waxing gets costly when isn't done on a regular basis. Wash your car every three years and you’ll get the picture. Our Janitorial Service estimate will include carpet cleaning, floor waxing and limited Tile and grout cleaning in your office cleaning contract. We have been floor waxing in San Antonio since 1989. Dust and allergens are removed with our quad filtered backpack vacuums.  (Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc, janitorial services, commercial cleaning)